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The Art Of Concealment

Telephone: (903) 483-2001

​online Class Coverage:
  • Perfect for anyone with a Texas LTC, getting their LTC, or just wanting to conceal carry

    The LTC class teaches laws and regulations for Texas. This class teaches how to actually carry a gun for self-defense

  • Drawing from a concealed holster

    Learn how to draw your handgun from a concealed holster in an effective and safe way

  • Dry fire practice - skill development

    Find how you can practice at home and develop your conceal carry abilities

  • Learn how to select the proper equipment

    From handguns and holsters to belts and shirts, learn how to select the proper equipment to carry concealed.

  • Take the class from your computer, tablet, or smartphone
    Works on all modern devices with internet access
  • Immediate class access after registration and lifetime course access

Master the Art of Concealed Carry with Our Fundamentals Online Class!

For Every Self-Defense Enthusiast: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced carrier, our Concealed Carry Fundamentals online class is crafted for anyone aiming to carry a handgun confidently. We guide you through equipment selection, proper carry techniques, and the safe drawing of your firearm from a concealed holster.

Beyond Texas LTC: This isn't your typical Texas License to Carry (LTC) class. Why? Because the LTC class doesn't cover the ins and outs of carrying or drawing. We fill that gap with our Concealed Carry Fundamentals class, offering what the LTC class lacks.

The Power of Both: While the LTC class focuses on legalities, our Fundamentals class delves into practical skills. We strongly recommend taking both classes in tandem. Together, they form a comprehensive guide, providing extensive insights into carrying a handgun for self-defense.

Why Enroll:

  • Equipment Selection: Learn to choose the right gear.

  • Carry Techniques: Master the art of concealed carry.

  • Safe Drawing: Understand the nuances of drawing from a concealed holster.

Perfect Harmony: Enroll now to harmonize legal knowledge with practical skills. Elevate your confidence and readiness for self-defense.

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