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Texas Permitless Carry - Texas Tactical Defense

online CLASS coverage:

  • Texas weapon law and how it affects the carrying handguns in public

  • Prohibited locations and where you can and cannot carry a handgun

  • Texas use of force and deadly force law

  • Eligibility requirements for permitless carry in Texas

  • Which handguns and holsters you can carry

  • How to interact with Law Enforcement and crisis situations

  • Situational awareness and how it affects you.

  • Which signs prohibit the carry of firearms in private businesses

Unlock the Power of Knowledge with Permitless Carry in Texas!

Exciting News! Since September 1st, 2021, Permitless Carry, often known as constitutional carry, is in full swing in Texas. Now, you have the freedom to conceal or open carry without the need for a license or permit.

But here's the catch – with great freedom comes great responsibility! It's crucial to familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations governing this privilege before strapping on your holster. Owning a firearm is one thing; understanding the eligibility requirements for permitless carry is another.

Introducing our One-Hour Online Law Class: Engaging Video and Audio Content Start Anytime, Complete at Your Own Pace

Who should take this class? All Texans embracing permitless carry! This knowledge-packed course is designed to benefit you and enhance your understanding of the legal landscape.

Thinking about getting your Texas LTC (License To Carry A Handgun)? Click here for more info.



Empower yourself today and carry with confidence!

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