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Gun Safety & Firearms Training

Texas Tactical Defense - Gun Safety and Firearms Training

Unlock Your Firearm Expertise with Our Premier Academy!

Elevate Your Skills: Our Firearms Academy presents dynamic gun safety and firearms training classes catering to all levels of expertise. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, gain insights from our top certified firearms instructors.

Certified Excellence: Experience the pinnacle of training with instructors dedicated to your success. Beginners find guidance, intermediates refine skills, and advanced students elevate their expertise.

The Art of Concealment: For concealed carry enthusiasts, delve into our online class - "The Art of Concealment." Master the subtleties of carrying with confidence.

Payment Options: Don't let finances stop your training. On most of our gun safety training programs, 4 interest-free payments or monthly payments with interest for up to 12 months available.

Subject to credit approval.

Visit Our Online Store: Ready to embark on your journey? Explore our online store for live gun safety and training classes. Your path to expertise is just a click away!

Empower yourself with knowledge and skills that stand out. Join us at Texas Tactical Defense today!

4 Week Pistol Course 2024
Tactical Self Defense - Gun Safety and Firearms Training

Our certified firearms instructors will cover 7 steps that will make you a good and safe shooter. 


  • What stance is best for you.  

  • How to properly grip a pistol/revolver

  • Sight picture

  • Sight alignment

  • Proper breathing

  • Trigger control

  • Follow through

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Texas Tactical Defense - Gun Safety and Firearms Training
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