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bio & Our History

Bio & History

Paul J. Gois Martial Arts Master
Paul J. Gois - Firearms Instructor, Martial Arts Master, LEO, EPS and Fugitive Recovery Agent

Welcome to Texas Tactical Defense And the man behind it

Forged in Expertise, Established in 2012

Meet Paul Gois: Established in 2012 by Paul Gois, a seasoned professional with a remarkable journey. Mr. Gois, a former Law Enforcement Officer, Fugitive Recovery Agent, and Executive Protection Agent, stands as a 9th Degree Black Belt Master in Kenpo Karate.

Expertise Unleashed: Certified as a Senior Firearms Instructor and a DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) certified Texas LTC Instructor, Mr. Gois began his martial arts odyssey in the 1970s. His dedication and discipline shine through, making his training truly exceptional. Over the past 40 years, he has honed his skills, starting with martial arts in the '70s and venturing into Law Enforcement, Executive Protection, and Firearms Training in the '80s.

Experience That Speaks: With over four decades of unparalleled experience, your training at Texas Tactical Defense is nothing short of First Class. Trust in the legacy of expertise forged over years of commitment.

TV Spotlight: Mr. Gois has been featured on national TV shows, including our own East Texas KLTV and KETK FOX 51.

Family Owned and Operated: Texas Tactical Defense is not just an academy; it's a family. We take pride in being Family Owned and Operated. Our offerings include DPS approved in-person Texas LTC (License To Carry) classes, a 24/7 accessible Texas LTC online course, and comprehensive Gun Safety and Firearms Training for all levels of students by certified firearms instructors.

Embark on your journey with the assurance of training crafted by the best in the field. Join Texas Tactical Defense - Where Expertise Meets Excellence!

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