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Constitutional Carry

Covered In Course:

  • Texas weapon law and how it affects the carrying handguns in public

  • Prohibited locations and where you can and cannot carry a handgun

  • Texas use of force and deadly force law

  • Eligibility requirements for permitless carry in Texas

  • Which handguns and holsters you can carry

  • How to interact with Law Enforcement and crisis situations

  • Situational awareness and how it affects you.

  • Which signs prohibit the carry of firearms in private businesses

Permitless Carry in Texas, also commonly referred to constitutional carry, went into effect on September 1st of 2021. This means that you can conceal or open carry a handgun in Texas without a license or permit. There are many laws and regulations that apply and it is every persons responsibility to know these before carrying a gun. Just because you can legally purchase a firearm, does not mean you will meet the eligibility requirements for permitless carry.

This is an one-hour online law class with video and audio based content. Start at any time, complete at your own pace.

All Texans who carry a firearm without a license are encouraged to take this course, it will greatly  benefit you.  If you decide to get your Texas LTC (license To Carry A Handgun), 
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