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Texas LTC Frequently asked questions

Can the Texas License to Carry class really be taken online?

Yes! Starting in 2017, Texas DPS has allowed approved online course providers. Texas Tactical Defense in partnership with Joel Kuchenski, who is a Texas DPS approved LTC online administrator offer the LTC online class.  Instead of sitting for 4-6 hours in a classroom full of people, the online course can be taken at your own pace at home, or anywhere. We also offer the classroom option for those interested in taking the class in that format.

What are the Benefits of a Texas LTC?

1. Carry In 37 Other States

The Texas License to Carry is recognized by 37 states in the United States. If traveling to one of those 37 states, you can carry your handgun. (States subject to changel*)  For a complete and updated list of states that recognize the Texas LTC, please click here.

Under permitless carry, you can only carry in states that have also passed permitless carry.

Please Note: Some premitless states may still require residents from outside states to have a Concealed Carry license from their state, as their premitless gun laws pertain to their residents only. Before traveling, it would be wise to check with the state you are traveling too.

2. No Background Checks When Purchasing A Gun

With a License to Carry, background checks are waived when purchasing guns. Having to go through a background check can cause delays and extra unnecessary time at the gun store. With an LTC, the gun buying process and experience is much smoother and easier.


3. Carry In More Locations

Under a License to Carry, there are fewer prohibited locations for carrying a gun. This includes being able to potentially carry in hospitals, college sporting events, amusement parks and more.

With the new permitless carry law (HB 1927), any sign that indicates guns are not allowed, such as the popular picture of a pistol with the red line through it, becomes a legal sign. With an LTC, you can still carry a handgun at locations with these signs posted. With permitless carry, carrying past ANY no gun sign becomes a crime.

4. Protections When Carrying Past No Gun Signs

With an LTC, you must be given the opportunity to leave private property that has no guns signs posted on private property. If carrying without an LTC, you can be fined/cited/arrested for simply being on the private property that has the no guns signs posted.

There are also additional protections at some prohibited locations, such as bars or other places that serve alcohol. Without property signage posted there are protections in place for LTC holders, but none under permitless carry. 

5. Carry On College Campuses

Texas allows for concealed carry in college campus buildings and places on campus where college sporting events are taking place with an LTC.


6. School Zones

With federal gun free school zone laws, no firearms can be brought into a school zone at all. There is one exception to this, if you have an LTC. As an LTC holder, you can have your handgun on you while on the school campus. This means when going to pickup your child at school, you do not have to leave your firearm at home. Without the LTC, no firearm can be brought within 1000 feet of a school.

7. Law Enforcement Interactions

With a physical LTC card in hand, you can immediately show that you are legally in possession of your firearm to law enforcement if stopped.

Under permitless carry, you would need to prove to law enforcement that you legally possess the gun. Having an LTC makes for a much quicker and smoother interaction with police.

8. Knowledge Of Texas Laws and Regulations

It is your responsibility to know the Texas laws and regulations having to do with carrying a gun in Texas. This includes where you can and cannot carry (prohibited locations), no gun signs, self defense laws and much more. The Texas LTC class goes in depth into the gun laws of Texas.

Whether you decide to get an LTC or not, the information gained from the LTC class is critical for everyone to have.

9. "Oopsies" At Airports

It is a defense to prosecution that upon possessing a handgun at the screening checkpoint for the secured area with a valid LTC, immediately exits the secure area when notified to do so.

​​Can I still take the LTC class in person in classroom setting?

Yes! The in person LTC classroom setting takes between 4-6 hours.  You'll be instructed in class by a Texas DPS approved instructor, who will lead the course. (Please contact us for schedule dates and pricing).

Who can take the online or the in person LTC class?

Anyone can take the online license to carry or the in person class, but eligibility requirements must be met. Texas law states a person must be 21 years of age to apply for a Texas LTC.  However, a federal district court has ruled that DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) can no longer apply the License to Carry statutory eligibility criteria that prohibit otherwise eligible 18-to-20 year-olds from obtaining the license.  Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc. et. al., v. Steven McCraw, et. al., No. 4:21-cv-1245-PTexas DPS therefore no longer deny applications solely on the basis that the applicants are 18-to-20 years old. So if your 18 and over, you now can apply for a Texas LTC.  Check here for eligibility requirements.

Please Note: Even though DPS is issuing the LTC, Texas state law is still legally 21 years of age and a person msut be 21 years of age and over regardless, to purchase a hand gun.  DPS has sided with the judge ruleing but until the law is actucally changed, DPS can stop issuing LTC lincese if they so choose too. 

How long is the online LTC class?

The class is mandated by Texas DPS to be a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 6 hours. Our online class is about 4 hours long with a required 25 question multiple choice quiz at the end.

Please Note: The online class can be taken on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. It can be started and stopped as many times as needed. 6 months is provided to complete the online class.

Do I have to live in Texas or be a Texas resident to get my Texas LTC?

Not at all! Texas issues non resident LTC’s as well. The proficiency demonstration (shooting qualification) must be completed in Texas. TX DPS does not allow the proficiency demonstration to be administered outside of the state. For this reason, if you see a company advertising an LTC outside of Texas, it will not be for a Texas LTC. They are selling licenses for other states, that are also good in Texas. This is not nearly as beneficial as having an actual Texas LTC though.

 Please Note: If your doing the in person LTC in a classroom setting, you must be present in Texas to complete the class and the proficiency demonstration (shooting qualification) at the sametime.

Can I take the Online LTC class from anywhere?

Yes! You do not have to be in Texas to take the Online LTC class. According to Texas DPS, the online class can be taken from absolutely anywhere. The proficiency demonstration (shooting portion), just has to be completed in Texas. 

I completed the online LTC class, now what?

Once you have completed the online course and have your LTC-101 certificate, a proficiency demonstration needs to be completed. An instructor from our company, Texas Tactical Defense will contact you to schedule your proficiency demonstration. ( This is the shooting portion to get your LTC).

Once the proficiency demonstration has been finished, your LTC-101 form will be filled out by the instructor and ready to submit to Texas DPS. 

After completion of the online LTC class or The LTC in person classroom setting, how long is the LTC-101 or the LTC 100 certificate good for?

The LTC-101 and the LTC 100 are good for 2 years starting at the competition date of the online course or at the end of the in person classroom setting. The proficiency demonstration has to be completed and submitted to the state within that two years of the online completion.

(Please Note:  If you are doing the in person LTC class, the proficiency demonstration is done on the same. No exception.)

How do I submit the LTC application?

Please click here for how to submit to Texas DPS.

What is a proficiency demonstration?

If you completed the online LTC class or LTC in person classroom setting, then the proficiency demonstration is the next step in getting your license to carry. The proficiency demonstration consists of two parts. 1-2 hours of “range instruction”(For online students only) and then the shooting qualification. These requirements are set by DPS. The “range instruction” portion set by DPS is to give the student time with an LTC instructor in person to ensure that the LTC material was understood and gives the student an opportunity to ask questions. How this time is used is up to each LTC instructor.

The shooting qualification is a 50 round qualification shot from the 3 yards(9 ft.), 7 yards(21 ft.), and 15 yard line(45 Ft.). You do not need to be an expert marksmen to pass this. You just need to be able to shoot handle your gun safely. This is a proficiency demonstration, so you are not being taught how to shoot, you are demonstrating that you already know how to shoot. 

If you need some shooting lessons, please contact us and one of our certified instructors will call you to setup a lesson. 

What is the course of fire for the shooting portion of the handgun proficiency and what must my score be in order to pass the proficiency demonstration?

The qualification consist of a total of 50 rounds using a B27 target. 20 rounds shot at 3 yards (9 ft.), 20 shots at 7 yards (21 ft.) and 10 shots at 15 yards (45 ft.) During this qualification, the student must also be able to demonstrate safe gun handling. Although the course of fire is very easy and should not deter anyone from taking the LTC class, the LTC course is not a class for learning how to shoot.

(Please Note: You must have a passing score of 175 points to pass the handgun proficiency demonstration).

What if I fail the shooting qualification/proficiency demonstration?

This is going to depend on a few things. DPS does allow retakes, however it will be up to the LTC instructor to determine if one is allowed or not.

If the handgun was handled safely, a retake may be allowed. If the reason for failing was due to safety violations, you may be required to take a safety course before being able to shoot the qualification again.

How difficult is the written examination and are retakes allowed?

Calling it a written examination makes it sound much more difficult than it actually is. It only consist of 25 questions that are multiple choice and true/false type questions. That’s it! Most of the questions are common sense as well.  3 attempts are allowed by DPS to complete the test.

Where can I go to get more info from Texas DPS?

For more information about the Texas LTC please click here.

My LTC expired and I forgot to renew it, do I have to take the class again?

According to DPS, LTC holders have 1 year after the expiration date to renew the license without having to retake the class. If the LTC is more than one year expired, the class has to be taken again and a new LTC application submitted.

Are there discounts available for the LTC class?

Yes! To see if you qualify for a discounted LTC class, please call us to see if you qualify.  Click here to see if you qualify for State of Texas Discount.

Please Note: The information here is not guaranteed to be totally accurate, as it can change without notice. It is provided as a courtesy to you. It is your responsibility to contact the proper state and local agencies or department(s) for information pertaining to Texas Gun laws and any other laws in question. We do not provide any legal advice.  If your needing legal advice, please contact a licensed attorney.

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